Proust Questionnaire in the Jan 2018 issue of QLRS, answering 17 questions about writing, reading, and which literary figures I’d invite to my last meal (it was easy enough – three good friends who happen to be writers!).

Interviewed with Wong Pei Chi in Raffles Press, talking about gender equality (2013). The student journalists do an excellent job of explaining systemic oppression and gender inequality in this piece.

Interview in Today (2002), together with Dana Lam’s letter responding to my critiques of AWARE, and my letter correcting some errors in the article.

Someone posted my email interview with now-defunct alternative news site New Sintercom on his blog (2002). Here I go on about the elitism of education in Singapore, my own experiences with it, the Singapore arts/literary scene, and my own plans. Reading it in my thirties, it’s poignant to see how many of those views haven’t changed much. I’m grateful that my beliefs have only strengthened with age, and I’m lucky that I have no professional restrictions on what I can critique.

First interview in Project Eyeball (2001): “Teen poet speaks her mind”.

(other interviews to be scanned soon)


They hear salt crystallising (poetry, firstfruits publications, 2010)

Goodreads page

Feature about firstfruits publications’ 2010 group launch, which included They hear salt crystallising (mypaper, 2010)

Profile in the Straits Times feature on firstfruits authors (Straits Times, 2010)

Straits Times review of They hear salt crystallising (Straits Times, 2010)

Me in article on the 2012 Singapore Literature Prize nominees (Straits Times, 2012)

Natalie Chin’s exquisite response to They hear salt crystallising (2015)