“Body”, “Reconfigurations” and “glass” at the Transpacific Literary Project, Asian American Writers’ Workshop (2018)

“Eventually” and “then” at Prelude (2016)


Older work

My entry in Poetry.Sg (includes “On History”, “Leah Remembers Stars and Mandrakes” and “Ghazal of Winter”)

I read “On History”, “Poem for Mr Barnard”, and “Ghazal of Winter” for Etiquette SG’s Women for the Record series (2015)

“Crossings at the Green Man”, the final version of “Night Poem” and an interview conducted by Nicholas Liu at Argot (2008)

“Who Subtitles Fireworks”, “Ghazal of Winter” and a newer version of “Night Poem”  at Softblow (2006)

“Poem for Mr Barnard” and “Night Poem”  in Columbia Magazine (Fall 2003)

“On History” in The Tangent (2003) [table of contents only]

“Special Passengers” at the2ndrule (2002)

“Don Carlos”  in the history issue of the2ndrule, which, um, I also guest-edited… (2002)

An older version of “At the Screening of The Legend of Frank Woods” at the2ndrule (2002)

“Leah Remembers Stars and Mandrakes” in the 2001 Foyle Young Poet of the Year Awards anthology New Life, (Poetry Society, UK)

“Independence” in the2ndrule (2001)

“Waterlights” in fairy tale matches (Simon Elvin Young Poet of the Year Awards 2000), republished on the2ndrule and Sayoni (with “Anniversary” and “Xu Xian”)

“Caeneus to Caenis: Reminiscences” and “Chang E: The True Story” at Mudlark (2000) My first ever online poetry publication; it led to an email exchange with the editor, William Slaughter, whose generosity I only fully apprehended many years later. An updated version of the Chang E poem can also be found at one of the Guardian’s online poetry workshop features. Unsurprisingly, my name was misspelled.


Print anthologies

UnFree Verse (Ethos Books, 2017) – “A Bridge of Birds”, “Ghazal of Winter”

Lines Spark Code (Ethos Books, 2017) – “A Bridge of Birds”

Union: 15 Years of Drunken Boat, 50 Years of Writing From Singapore (Ethos Books, 2015) – “At a Screening of The Legend of Frank Woods

SingaPoetry: An Anthology of Singapore Poems (National Library Board, 2015) – “Independence”

little things (Ethos Books, 2013) – “The End of Every Field”, “Casualties of the Efficient World”

Fifty on 50 (Ethos Books, 2009) – “Truth Swings By The Neck” and 1 photograph

Speaking for Myself: An Anthology of Asian Women’s Writing (Penguin Global, 2009) – “Medusa: Stone Poems”

Double Skin (Ethos Books/Torino Poesia, 2009) – “Casualties of the Efficient World”, “Poem for Mr Barnard”, “An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump”, “Pilgrimage” and “The Evolution of Language”

Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia and Beyond (W. W. Norton, 2008) – “three love objects”

Over There – Poems from Singapore and Australia (Ethos Books, 2008) – “three love objects”, “On History”, “Wrestlers”, “Waterlights”, “Anniversary” and “Xu Xian”