Singapore General Elections 2015

The Truth about SDP’s Education Policies: Not What John Low Said

On Gratitude, Complaining and Singapore’s Limitations


Censorship in 2015

Memories of a Censored Adolescence #1

Text Comparison Question, a.k.a. Censorship in Action



Words Mean Things: On Waterbeds, Ovens, and ContraDiction 2014

Spaces, Stories and Silencing: Thoughts on Penguingate and Beyond


2002-2010 Selected journalism

Commentary on the first ever public forum with former political detainees, held during the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, written for Today in 2006 – the unexpurgated version was published in s/pores #5 in 2009, and I wrote another article in 2015 on Today’s censorship of this piece.

“Shoestring survival”, a longer feature about indie film and music in Singapore (Today, August 15 2003) – possibly one of the most interesting articles I wrote during my internship at Today.

“A sibling tongue”, an editorial about language politics and the Language Trends in Asia conference at NUS (Today, July 24 2003)

“The roadblocks to passion”, about how top-down manipulation will not foster creativity and risk-taking (Today, June 23 2003)

“Why I am cynical about Singapore’s political process” at the2ndrule (2002)

“Gopal Baratham: A Retrospective” for QLRS (2002)