Singapore General Elections 2015

The Truth about SDP’s Education Policies: Not What John Low Said

On Gratitude, Complaining and Singapore’s Limitations


Censorship in 2015

Memories of a Censored Adolescence #1

Text Comparison Question, a.k.a. Censorship in Action



Words Mean Things: On Waterbeds, Ovens, and ContraDiction 2014

Spaces, Stories and Silencing: Thoughts on Penguingate and Beyond


2002-2010 Selected journalism

Commentary on the first ever public forum with former political detainees, held during the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, written for Today in 2006 – the unexpurgated version was published in s/pores #5 in 2009, and I wrote another article in 2015 on Today’s censorship of this piece.

“Shoestring survival”, a longer feature about indie film and music in Singapore (Today, August 15 2003) – possibly one of the most interesting articles I wrote during my internship at Today.

“The roadblocks to passion”, about how top-down manipulation will not foster creativity and risk-taking (Today, June 23 2003)

“Why I am cynical about Singapore’s political process” at the2ndrule (2002)

“Gopal Baratham: A Retrospective” for QLRS (2002)